• Autodesk Design Gift

    Five students from the CADLab were recognized by Autodesk with a $250 gift. These students created 3D CAD model designs using Autodesk fusion. Devin Shumway currently serves as the University ambassador for Autodesk. His design is displayed to the left.  

  • Multi-User for a Complex Assembly

    Modern CAx tools permit only one user in a master assembly at a time. Changes to any component in an assembly or sub-assembly can propagate changes to other components. See the engine assemblies in the photo.

  • Collaborative SOTA Review

    BYU researchers conducted an extensive review of multi-user and collaborative R&D that has occured over the last decade. The abstract of the published paper is shown to the right.

  • Finite Element Decomposition

    Current CAx applications will not allow more than one user into a complex finite element model like the one shown. Decomposition methods to allow multi-users to mesh regions simultaneously, or to correct mesh errors, would speed up the analysis many times.

  • Decomposition Methods

    Research is being conducted into the application of decomposition equations and constraint methods to divide complex models or assemblies between several multi-users.

  • NX Skype

    The image shows Skype integrated directly into Siemens NX using the NX API. Imagine a world where many users are simultaneously editing the same part file or assembly.

December 2020